A Sell Off Not A Recession

by khalid on 04/10/2011 · 0 comments

This is a sell off season in the markets but definitely not a recession. The markets are facing a downtrend and a there is a decline witnessed in the start of October, but it will be wrong to predict that this is the time for recession. The Global Cues are not good particularly the situation in the Europe, but the experts is still positive and say that this is not a recession and the sell off could continue for few days.

China’s Purchasing Manager’s Index has seen an improvement and that is a positive sign for the global markets. The Investors should not see the present condition as a recession and should invest cautiously.

Surely the third quarter of this season was really painful and was among the worst for the equity investors; it has been seen as a greatest fall since the fall of the 2008 recession. The Investors have become too concerned and fear another recession due to the condition in the European economy, but the policy makers and the World Bank and the IMF have come up with some good plans, which are expected to be a positive sign for the markets. Though it will take time for the markets to recover, but still the fears of recession are just overhyped and the markets could see a positive sign sooner rather than later. Some of the companies have been in serious debt conditions and in US some seriously weak data points have come up, but still the job data in the US has been coming out and that has been a positive sign for the markets.

Bell The Bull say it will be wrong to say that the current market condition is a recession

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