Current Market Condition Similar to The Fall OF 2008

by khalid on 04/10/2011 · 0 comments

Experts feel that October could also be bad for the equity markets. It was not a good start for the markets this month as the Nifty saw a fall of around 1.5%. The major feeling among the experts is that the second quarter performance will weigh badly on Indian Equities. No one is expecting good results this season and this is resulting in bad mood among the investors in the markets. The governments indecisiveness regarding the disinvestment plans is also not helping much and it is badly hurting the investor sentiments across India.

The way the ONGC disinvestment plan was handled in the month of September was the biggest disappointment among the investors. The Government has been able to raise only 3% of the initial target of Rs. 40,000 crore for the year and it is mainly due to the sluggish market conditions.

 This downtrend is affecting the investors badly and is much worse than the market conditions as compared to the market in the year 2008. The market badly needs a positive trigger to get a new uptrend in the equity market. All the experts are bearish about the markets and this is hurting the investors, which is similar to or worse than the condition in the year 2008. The condition of the currency isn’t helping much and it is getting worse.

There is huge uncertainty in the markets and no one is able to predict where the markets are going to land up. The investor’s interest is getting lower and lower which is bad for the markets.

Bell The Bull says the markets could see a downfall in October

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