FII’s booking profit in Aug 09

by khalid on 25/08/2009 · 0 comments


All emerging markets including our Dalal Street move according to the FII’s investment. Before August, FII’s were net buyer for the last five months. FIIs were net buyer in March (Rs 269 crore), April (Rs 7,384 crore), May (Rs 21,298 crore), June (Rs 4,378 crore) and July (Rs 11,625 crore). Although they have put in Rs 37,618 crore since January 09, during August, they pocketed Rs 697 crore from markets as per the data available till Thursday 20th Aug 09.

Analysts attribute negative consumer data in the US for withdrawal of investments by FIIs from the emerging markets. The FII investment is based on the prevailing sentiment in the US. The negative consumer data last week affected the behaviour of FIIs. They feel the data will increase the pressure of redemption in coming months.

FIIs are dominant force in market and their buying and selling would continue to impact the market movement.

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