Mahindra Satyam : Big clients are returning

by khalid on 16/09/2009 · 0 comments


Mahindra Satyam was earlier known as Satyam Computers and had around 480 clients in January 09, the time fraud exposed. Currently Mahindra Satyam has 420 clients and some of the large clients company had lost earlier are coming back and are reassigning new business. In last four months company has gained 32 new customers.

Satyam Computers was acquired by Tech Mahindra in an auction in April 09 and subsequently renamed. Th company had around 8500 employees in virtual pool in July 09 but now as business improving and new deals coming in, company have slowly started taking in employees from the virtual pool for execution of work and at present there are 7000 employees are in virtual pool and soon all will be absorbed for work hopefully.

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