Markets to make a U-turn?

by khalid on 06/10/2011 · 0 comments

As the markets tend to behave in a bearish manner with deep cuts witnessed over the last few days’ expectations and assumptions have started falling in from all quarters. Today the markets were volatile but were range bound. Banks were the major ones to get impacted from the losses.

Most of the experts are predicting the markets to have reached a considerate level after a deep correction. They feel the markets going further down may not be the case in the coming days. Expectations are that lower levels may continue with relevant volatility over the index. But feel that that a brighter side for the Index may be in purview after a few more volatile sessions. They highly feel no matter how the global markets perform the beginning of 2012 and the later half should see a brighter market.

So it seems a great opportunity to accumulate stocks right?

Well for some highly fundamentally strong stocks this might be the right levels to enter as they are beaten down and valuations are much lower. Until a proper remedy is sought out for the markets it is evident that it would be affected from the global financial instability.It might not be far when our markets start recovering and consolidating, but a high volatility is here to stay.

 Bell the Bull says: Expecting the markets to bounce back may not be wrong but experts believe there is some more twists in the tale before the markets actually start recovering.


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