September: Investors guide to this Month’s Events

by khalid on 07/09/2011 · 1 comment

The month of August was highly volatile and most of the stocks ended in the red. There have been continuous worries about weakening of the global economy and European debt crisis. We can expect a similar market for this month too.

8th Sept: Obama Talks on Job & Economy

 President Barak Obama is supposed to unveil its proposal to create more employment to the joint session of Congress. The government report shows no job creation in the month of August and there is a fear among the investors that the US may head towards another recession.

9th Sept: G-7 Central Bankers and Finance Ministers Meet

 Tim Geithner Treasury Secretary is likely to attend G-7 meeting in Marseille, France to discuss on the need of a global effort to bring jobs, financial stability and growth.

15th Sept: Greece Waiting for More Aid

 In an attempt to bring out debt-ridden nation, there will be another round of talks with the international community to aid Greece. Theeconomists are hopeful that the aid will be granted.

20-21Sept: Fed Meeting

 The FOMC meeting will be closely monitored after Ben Bernanke said that the Fed is on the surge of implementing some additional tool to stabilise the economy but has stopped for next round of monetary easing as referred in the Jackson Hole meeting. Investors are hopeful that the FOMC meeting would provide a clearer detail of its next move.

29th Sept: Germany Votes on the Bailout Fund

 Germany’s parliament will vote on a euro zone rescue fund a kind of European Financial Stability Facility.

30th Sept: Spanish Short-Sale Ban  Expires

The short sale ban on stocks was extended in august to keep the volatility under control. As there was a negative sentiment on the European banking sector. It expires this month.

Bell the Bull says: September the month with many happenings can hold a great factor for the markets to turn either ways

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