Improvement In Global Markets A Good News For The Indian Markets

by khalid on 01/11/2011 · 0 comments

The bullish trend in the markets is expected to continue in this week too, with the stock specific activities and the positive global trends the markets may see good rise. There will be particular good rise in the cement and the auto sector which will come out with their monthly sales figure. Last week there was good rise in the benchmark indices and both the Nifty and the Sensex seemed to end on the positive side. The markets saw a rise of around 6% from the previous week. There was particularly good rise in the realty and the metal sector which rose by 8% and 9% respectively. The midcaps didn’t raise much and they saw moderate gains of around 2%.

Three months back when we had bear markets it created a range or the markets and there was huge amount of uncertainty in the markets. But the markets have been able to cross the resistance zone and the uncertainty has reduced. Markets have finally crossed the resistance level of 17,260 and are entering the bull markets. The Samvat 2068 has begun on a positive note and are expected to see good rise in three to six months time. The European problem has seen a way out and that is a good sign for the markets, US markets have also delivered good GDP numbers of around 2.5%. Though many experts still feel that 4,800-5,200 is a range for the markets, but in the coming months the markets will enter a genuine Bull market.

Bell The Bull says: Markets expected to see bullish trends in three to six months

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