Market Tips: Experts Want The Investors To Learn From The Mistakes Of 2008

by khalid on 26/09/2011 · 0 comments

The markets are continuously experiencing decline and suffering from pain. Experts say that the Global cues are not helping either and the markets will take time to recover. It is not the time to panic and the markets will recover but it will take sometime. This is a perfect characteristic of a bear market and this situation is difficult to digest. This is somewhat similar to the situation in 2008 and people are expected react in a calm manner. People are expected to make a mistake once but not twice, this is said in respect of the situation is 2008.

The markets fell deeply in 2008 and people made huge losses. People are expected to learn from that situation and act wisely in 2011. In 2011 price wise the markets are playing in a similar manner but on the volumes front the momentum and velocity is different. Price is premium and one should not be a slave of opinion but he should be a slave of price.

The way market has reacted in the last six months, people say fundamentally it is very difficult to say and map variables but the it is easy to map the technical front. This market has given quiet a few indications in the last six months and is surely going to correct in the fiscal year 2012. Eventually the market has broken the important level of 5200, which was expected to be the final nail in the coffin. The markets can further correct to 15-20% and there are many negative factors doing the rounds. One should not panic and do a proper research. Once again people are expected to learn from the condition of 2008 and act wisely.

Bell The Bull says: Investors Are Expected To Act Wisely  


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