Market Updates: Nifty To Touch 4,900-5,00 levels

by khalid on 15/10/2011 · 2 comments

The markets have been performing well over past week but the experts are not fully positive over the performance of the markets. The stocks have seen a positive move but some experts’ advice the investors to book profit around these levels. 5,200 seems to be a major barrier level for the Nifty and some correction is expected in the coming weeks.

The markets could see some small correction and touch the 4,900-5,000 levels. Those levels could be the time to again enter and re-invest in the markets. The RBI is expected to remain hawkish and the investors should wait for a couple of months to look at the RBI’s steps. November or December could be the month when the inflation could be expected to come down. In the past few days some Banking stocks have seen a bounce back but still there is some correction left in the Baking sector for some while.

The experts are looking at 5,200 to be the major barrier level for the Nifty. And the Euro Zone needs to improve for the markets to be positive. Domestically the Government decision making needs to fall in place, but the markets are no way going to shoot up in recent times. The 5,200 and 5,250 will continue to be the major barrier level. A genuine bull market is required for the markets to improve and see a positive rise. Once the Euro Zone problems and the government decision making fall in place then one will surely see a positive Bull market.

Bell The Bull says: The 5,200 level is going to be a major barrier level for the markets in the near future

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