Investment Tips for Beginners.

by khalid on 16/03/2009 · 1 comment

For becoming a successful investor, the beginners should careful about their moves. We are giving some effective rules to follow….

1. Follow a certain strategy.

2. Purchase your stock with cool mind and not in the opening hour but in evening.

3. You should don”t show emotions if you want to win the game.

4. Don”t let your losses to increase more than 10 percent, cut it.

5. Study the stock completely before step in.

6. In a bear market, purchase and hold strategy is not good.

7. Don”t religh on tips from anybody.

8. Stratigize your portfolio at the weekend.

You should make your habit to follow above tips if want to win this game of nerves. This is a psycology game and one should have a control on himself to get a success.

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rana chatterjee April 13, 2011

would like to meet rakesh ji once in my life.


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