Top 10 Deadly Investment Mistakes

by khalid on 12/04/2011 · 4 comments

Share Market is a place where every person want to make money ignoring this fact that one can make money here only when someone lose its money here. So ready to lose money before making money here. Investors should acquire necessory knowledge to make successful investment decisions. They should learn to avoid severe investment mistakes which are very known.

Here is a list of top 10 common investment mistakes generally investors makes in stock market. If you have any history of money lose from stock investment you had made, I am sure, reading this list would help you to find the mistake you have been committed and caused money lose!

1. Entering stock market with full of greed to become super rich overnight.

2. Starts trading without acquiring proper knowledge on investing and without self assessment on readiness and right goals.

3. Considering stock investment as a part time job or hobby or a place to test luck.

4. Follows the activities of public, fellow traders, colleagues, big investors.

5. Entering to the stock market as a short term trader, intraday trader, speculator as most of the traders are looser.

6. Investments on company stocks without studying about their business, management, financial status.

7. Panic selling of a good stock in a down market or buying a bad stock in an up market, by greed.

8. Making investments with borrowed money as loan from banks, financial institutions or from friends and relatives.

9. Makes any investments on market rumors, analyst reports, hot tips, broker recommendations.

10. Finally, having less diversified portfolio or over diversified portfolio. cation by investing little money to number of stocks

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Ashvini May 3, 2011

Hi Khalid,

These are some of the great points you have put . I am also a stock market enthusiast from long time and I plan to visit your blog regularly.

Thanks and regards,


khalid May 3, 2011

Hi Ashvini,

Glad you liked it.
Really nice of you. Keep in touch and have a nice day ahead 🙂



samuel June 3, 2011

i am really keen to know abt sensex, share, stock market.
I am 19 yrs. Can u pl guide me on how to go about it.



khalid June 3, 2011

Hi Samuel,

Its nice that in such an early age, you want to know about basics of share market. For details about almost all the points regarding share market, you have to navigate Beginners Guide section of this site.



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