FIIs pump in Rs 80500 crore in 2009

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FII’s have injected Rs 80500 crore into Indian stock markets this year. This is the highest ever inflow from the foreign institutions in a single year(2009). This is a just reversal position of the last year(2008) condition when these investors were pulled out over Rs 52900 crore from the country due to recession in all over the world. This reflects the confidence of foreign investors in the Indian growth story.

FII inflow of Rs 80500 crore in 2009 has broken the previous high of Rs 71486 crore inflow by foreign investors in domestic equities in 2007.

Most of the market analysts believe that the FII inflow in India may continue in the next year as well, if the liquidity conditions remain strong.

Delhi-based SMC Capitals Ltd’s Equity Head Jagannadham Thunuguntla echoed the view, saying, “If liquidity conditions remain strong next year, one can expect FII inflow to remain strong into India even in 2010 as well.”

This year BSE Sensex has gained around 70 percent so far, this is one of the best performance if we compare with other leading bourses of the world.

Analysts have one concern that if dollar-carrytrade-unwinding starts, then one can expect rush of FII outflow from the country.

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