ADAG companies RNRL and Reliance Power Merger

by khalid on 03/07/2010 · 1 comment

The hot news of today is the merger of two ADAG companies, Reliance Natural Resources( RNRL ) and Reliance Power. The merger is likely to be finalized on 4th July 2010 on the Board of Directors Meeting. These two companies were demerged from Reliance Industries.

The announcement is significant as it comes close on the heels of the two Ambani siblings rescinding a long-standing non-compete agreement, allowing them to expand into each other’s sectors.

Also, last week Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) and RNRL signed a new gas supply master agreement (GSMA) pursuant to the judgment of the Supreme Court, dated May 7.

Both the scrips were trading 4-5% higher. But suddenly at the end of the day , RNRL crashed 7% from peak.

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Mukesh wanted to kill RNRL &so he did. Why.not Anil is ready for GSPA directly with r.power excluding rnrl. This way rnrl will save its own intety for coal bed methene blocks and assam gas findings. but by merging it to r.power and stake taking by mukesh in it .autometically mukesh.will be sharing in r.power gas discovery and coal bed methenes of rnrl. He looks more cunning than Anil. Being MBA how anil could not predict all this. even then if he is so generous for Mukesh then rnrl investor also should be in investors are traped in rnrl when it was at 280. since then he is waiting for its price. even r.power is not at that price. so investors must be given the full valuations of coal bed methenes blocks and assam gas findings. innocent investor is feeling cheated. so please save RNRL from merger. if it is.not avoidable then please give an actual swap base as per price of both. I now am fadeup of the policies played mukesh pet mr. he looks to be a great agent and motivater from mukesh camp.always vomit poison for ADAG co.
Hope that the facts will be approached to Anil & RNRL board.


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