Global Markets Race 2009 : Indian Sensex is Runner-Up

by khalid on 02/01/2010 · 12 comments

Indian market’s BSE Sensex gains 81 percent in 2009. This is its biggest rise in a year since 1991 and this happen due to a flood of foreign institutional investors (FII) investments and analysts hope this trend to continue in 2010.

In the global recession of 2008, Indian Sensex fell 52 percent and recovered this year from the March low of 8160. This recovery is 81 percent and Sensex closed at the highest point of 17464 on the last day of year 2009 and this is highest point since 5th May 2008. Nobody would have expected such a recovery for Indian and global stock markets.

India was one of the best performing stock market is Asia in 2009. The index just pipped the Shanghai Composite index, which rose 80 percent, but lagged Indonesia’s 87 percent jump and Sri Lanka, where the main index more than doubled.

Here is the graphic comparision of Indian stocks in 2009 versus other stock markets.

The NSE index closed at 5201.05 at the year end of 2009. During trade It rose to a high of 5221.85, its highest since 5th May 2008. Markets will open at 9.00 AM on first trading day of the year 4th Jan 2010. This is 0330 GMT to synchronise with Global Markets.

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