India will be global leader in tech services : Forbes

by khalid on 12/10/2009 · 0 comments


Forbe’s Chairman is of the view that India is going to become a global leader in technology services in coming years as software companies are moving up in the value chain, at the same time weak dollar has hurt the US economic recovery.

The Indian economy rose 6.7 per cent in 08-09, while it is expected to rise 6 per cent in the current fiscal year. The pace of economic growth in India shows that the country is able to cope up with the crisis well, but at the same time government should have to work in the right direction and should continue the liberalisation that began in 1991, including simplifying the tax code and reducing tax rates, and allowing more overseas investments into India.

The two places where India should concentrate : number 1, the bureaucratic procedures should be simplified to facilitate entrepreneurs and number 2 is need to reduce the hurdles to building infrastructure. If these two steps are handled properly
then there is no doubt about India becoming leader in tech services.

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