Mahindra Satyam added 35 clients since Apr 09

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Mahindra Satyam was Satyam Computers prior to its takeover by Tech Mahindra in April 09. Satyam Computers fraud was the biggest ever corporate fraud in Indian history.

Satyam Computers had around 380 customers at the time of takeover by Tech Mahindra. In January 09, at the time of fraud exposed, Satyam was having around 500 customers and it was reduced to 380 in turbulence time. Now company has added 35 new customers since its takeover on 13th Apr 09, and lost just 3. The company said that some large clients are returning to the company.

Mahindra Satyam’s CEO C.P. Gurnani is of the view that the company is back on a path to recovery.

Mahindra Satyam’s sahares CMP is Rs 103.35 on 6th Nov 09.

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