Market hours extended from 9am to 5pm

by khalid on 24/10/2009 · 0 comments


Market regulator SEBI decided to integrate the Indian bourses with Singapore and other Asian markets in the morning hours, and the European market in the evening hours by allowing around two-and-a-half hours longer trading hours for stock exchanges and now on it will be 9 am to 5 pm. The current market hours stand from 9.55 am to 3.30 pm.

This move of the SEBI may help in bringing back the trade that was seen shifting to Singapore Stock Exchange. Some trade had shifted to SGX Nifty (Indian Nifty traded in Singapore Stock Exchange) due to the time diference between Singapore and India. Singapore is around two and a half hours ahead of India.

All Indian stock exchanges have been demanding it to be extended to 9 am to 9 pm. Taking trading position based on information flow from different geographies would now be immediately possible in certain cases with longer trading hours instead of waiting for the next trading session the following day.

Here is a video for the same story.

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