Top 10 wealth creators of India Inc

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India Inc is in growth path with 8+ GDP for last some years and is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. This is happening only due to its hard working private sector entrepreneur. Indian industrialists are among the top richest persons of the world. Lakshmi Mittal and Mukesh Ambani are in top 10 richest guys of the world. Though Lakshmi Mittal is India’s richest, but he was not the biggest creator of wealth for fiscal year ended March 2011. The honour of creating the most wealth at the end of last fiscal FY11 goes to Gautam Adani of Adani family, which more than doubled its wealth via its holdings in three listed companies.

Here is the list of top 10 wealth creator of India and the amount of money they created in last financial year FY11.

RankNameMoney created in FY11Market Cap in FY11Market Cap in FY10Company Name
1.Gautam Adani Rs 33,211 crRs 57,160 crRs 23,949 crAdani Group
2.Azim PremjiRs 10,601 crRs 93,101 crRs 82,500 crWipro
3.Rahul BajajRs 8,786 crRs 29,116 crRs 20,331 crBajaj group
4.Sunil Mittal Rs 7,923 crRs 61,744 crRs 53,822 crBharti Airtel
5.Dilip ShanghviRs 5,156 crRs 30,141 crRs 24,985 crSun Pharma
6.Anil AgarwalRs 4,363 crRs 39,560 crRs 35,197 crVedanta
7.Pankaj PatniRs 3,690 cr
Rs 12,147 crRs 8,457 crZudus Cadila
8.Shiv NadarRs 2,911 cr Rs 16,581 cr Rs 13,670 cr HCL
9.R. TyagrajanRs 2,835 cr Rs 8,810 cr Rs 5,973 cr Sriram Trabsport
10.Uday KotakRs 2,786 cr Rs 15,349 cr Rs 12,563 cr Kotak Mahindra

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