IMF and World Bank: Will Support Emerging Economies

by khalid on 26/09/2011 · 2 comments

The global economic recovery seems to be under threat with all the markets around the world suffering. The International Monetary Fund and World Bank have vowed to support all the countries suffering from the economic problems. The IMF and World Bank have said that they will support sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth in all of its member countries.

The IMF and the World Bank issued a statement in their annual meetings saying that they will do everything possible to bring a inclusive growth in all the member countries. The World Bank and IMF have reaffirmed to support all the developing countries and the emerging economies through this period of instability. With this they are focused at a long term growth outlook of all the countries. The IMF and World Bank said that the turbulence in the global markets and the widespread fiscal strains has put the robustness and the sustainability of the global economic recovery at a risk.

The volatile commodity prices and the pressure on the food security are the major challenges and the World Bank and IMF are alert at these issues, particularly for the poor who are suffering a lot. Though the developing economies have been the major contributors to the global economic growth, the economic crisis all over the world has reduced the capacity to withstand the shocks. The IMF and World Bank are focused towards job creation as jobs are the vital parts which help in reducing poverty and broad based economies.

Bell The Bull says this initiative by the World Bank and IMF is a positive sign to support the weak Global Markets

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