Does Your Business Credit Cards Offer Reward Points? If Not Switch

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Business Credit Cards

The credit card business is highly competitive these days, and this is certainly true for business credit cards. You may have one of the rare credit cards that do not offer reward points, if you do it’s time to switch.

Introductory Offers

Most credit card companies will lure you to their side by offering some sort of introductory special. The most common are no fees for the first year or zero interest on purchases for the first six months to a year. Here are a couple of other offers we have come across:

– Extra bonus points on your first purchase
– Flexible payments over time

If you look around we’re sure you will find other offers besides these, but the above are most common among the major credit card companies.


Extra Reward Points – Once you enter the rewards program you will find that you can earn three times and even four times the points when you buy certain products. These products include:

– Airfare
– Gas
– Office supplies
– Cable services
– Advertising

You have to check each offer carefully to determine which is best for you. Besides getting extra points for buying certain products there are incentives for spending. For example: One company will give you an additional 15,000 points after you reach your first $5,000.00 in purchases of any kind. Other offers will give you five times points if you spend $25,000.00 annually on travel and hotels.

Spending Reward Points

The credit card companies have partnered with many of the major airline carriers and major hotel chains for redeeming reward points. But, you are now seeing other companies partner with credit card companies offering their products which include electronics and related items.


Most business credit cards have fees, these fees can either be transaction fees or annual card fees. The annual card fees range between $35.00 to $100.00. A little rarer, but still around are transaction fees, and more common are international transaction fees.

Pay-in-Full Cards

If you’re using a business credit card for convenience and reward points, then the pay in full card is perfect for you. The terms are self explanatory, you must pay the bill in full when received. Now you ask, what if on occasion I cannot pay the bill in full? Then what happens is they will suspend your card or charge you a hefty fee.

Business Credit Cards That Offer Reward Programs

You can search on your own, but we want to give you a head start with some companies we’ve found offering reward programs:

– Ink Cash Business Card
– American Express Business Gold Reward card
– American Express Gold Delta Skymiles Business Credit Card
– American Express Blue for Business Credit Card
– American Express True Earnings Card
– Citibank Thank You Card

The key to finding the best business credit cards for your business is reading the terms and benefits – there are a lot to choose from – take your time and ask questions.

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