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Most classic car owners take a lot of pride in their vehicles. They take pleasure in maintaining them and cherish them with the love and car that they deserve. Classic cars are genuinely better looked after than modern, average cars because they are more unique and becoming more sought after as the years go on. A classic car is usually quick a simple definition; on that is over 25 years old and still popular!

Classic cars are beautiful and unique and because of this, making sure you have the best possible classic car insurance is imperative. Insurers do offer lower policy costs for classic cars, simply because of the facts above; they are well maintained and well looked after. That’s not to say a modern car necessarily isn’t, but as standard, classic cars don’t tend to have accidents very often. There are a number of additional things that can be considered when choosing your car insurance so be sure to note them down beforehand.

Free, instant quotes online are really easy to come by and mean that you can be sure to get the best prices and the best policy for those requirements and notes you have jotted down. Take advantage of these free instant quotes to make sure that everything you are benefitting if everything you can benefit from. Some of these things to look out for are mileage – insurers will consider the fact that you probably won’t drive your classic vehicle as much as a modern vehicle is driven. Be as accurate as you can about this because the lower the better. Where it is kept – if you keep your vehicle under lock and key you can save a lot. If your vehicle has an alarm fitted; even better! Some companies are specific on the make of the vehicle which can be handy with specific requirements that come up; get a quote for your classic Citroen specifically and ensure you can get those priceless authentic parts if your car needs them. Insurers won’t always be able to replace like for like so choosing a company who specifically deal with classic Citroens can be a good option.

If you are looking to show off your classic car and tend to go to classic car fairs or events; you need to mention this to your insurer. It might not even make a difference to your policy but it is better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t mention this, and something were to happen whilst you’re there; you might find an insurance company telling you that your policy doesn’t cover this! So, don’t put yourself in this situation and stay one step ahead.

The process is so easy with great saving to be made. By completing a short form, once, you can have the choice between the best prices on the market. Get a quote for your classic Citroen online and see how much you can save. Your classic car can be insured for next to nothing if you push all of these points and make the most of the comparison tools available. Save that little bit extra to buy something new for the car!

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