A Complete Overview of Data Driven Pages

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Data Driven Pages Data Driven Pages

A Data driven page uses a single map document and allows you to easily create a series of layout pages. The map is divided into sections by a feature layer or a index layer. It generated one page per index feature which is based on each index feature in the layer. These pages are usually based on a regular grid of polygons. Data driven pages comes in handy if you want to create a map book or even a map series. You can create a series of pages by using an index layer which represents a grid.

How to Create Data Driven Pages

A data driven page allows you to generate output pages by using a single layout and further iterating over a set of map extents. The features in a layer define these extents. These extents may be called tiles, sections or areas of interest. The layer defining these extents is known as an index layer. A data driven page can be created and customized by using the setup dialog box associated with a data driven page. The dialog box consists of two different tabs : Definition and Extent. This dialog box can be activated from Page and Print Setup dialog box.

A data driven page for a current map section can be enabled by clicking the Enable check box in the dialog box. By clicking this check box, you can easily create, view and utilize a data driven page. A data driven page utilizes the default settings when you enable the option for a map document next time.

How to Export a Data driven page

The Export Map dialog box can be used to export a data driven page to PDF format. However, two conditions should necessarily be met. The first is that the data driven page must be enabled and the second is that the map document must be created in layout view. If either of these conditions is not met, there will be an error message. A data driven page can be exported through a number of different ways. Based on the selected options, you can export a single page, all pages and even the selected pages according to your preference.

How to Navigate a Data driven page

1) By Name :

Click the text box drop down arrow in the toolbar
Go to Drop-Down list and select Show Name
In the text box, enter the page number

2) By Index :

Click the text box drop down arrow in the tool pad
Go to Drop-Down list and select Show Page
In the text box, enter the index number

How to Refresh a Data driven pages

There are times when you would want to refresh a data driven page. It may be done if one of the following conditions is true :

1. Features added to or deleted from index layer
2. Sort field values were edited
3. Field values were edited
4. Changes in data frame extent because of zooming, panning or changes to map scale
5. If any fields were edited by using Data driven pages for an index layer feature

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