Little Tips for Looking Like Big Business.

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Making your small brand visible in today’s crowded business landscape is no easy trick. You’re not just struggling against your market competition, you’re also vying to be noticed over every other brand your customer sees that day. The professional touch in your business card printing and flyer printing is what will get you noticed, remembered, and respected. These little tips can be harsh but they’ll get you playing in the big time.

Don’t do it yourself!

Think you have an eye for design? Maybe you do. Maybe you designed a flyer for your school cake drive and it was great. Even so, there is a whole industry out there of people who do this thing for a living. Hire one of them. They’re everywhere and they really do know their stuff. It can be tempting to get you or a friend do try it on the cheap. That’s how it looks. Cheap. If you want to look like a real professional brand, get a designer, tell them what you want, let them do it, and for goodness sake, don’t argue with them when they try to tell you things.

Get to the point.

You’ve got fifteen seconds to be successful. After that, no matter how pretty you think you’re advertising is, people have stopped paying attention. Your flyer is in the bin. If it takes longer than fifteen seconds for a viewer to figure out what your add is for, then you’ve already lost them. It’s your business. You should know what you’re about. What do you do? What are you offering? That should be the first thing people understand when they read your card. If you can’t pick that up instantly from your design then go back and start again.

Keep it simple, stupid.

Most people try to make things too complicated. Your potential customers don’t need your shoe size or to know you’re a fan of great danes. Hand-out advertising is your first point of contact for most customers and it’s how they’ll remember your business. You need them to connect your name with your product. If you run Chairs Galore, they don’t need to know that you accidentally bought some rugs and are selling them cheap. They need to know who you are and why you’re cooler than Super Sitting. Everything else is taking up space.

Second point of contact

Printed advertising is probably your first point of contact. Unless a customer is actually taking one of your flyers outside your store front, face to face contact will probably be third. You want to make your second as easy as possible. Website, phone number, address, business Facebook profile, Twitter hash-tag. Whatever forms of contact you have available, make sure they’re on your advertising somewhere. It doesn’t have to be the first thing they notice but make sure it’s there. You want to become part of your customer’s landscape as quickly and easily as possible. Make it difficult for them to not find you.

Back it up

When they start turning up to your website or shop front, drawn in droves by your fantastic advertising, make sure you can back up your promises. The image you purvey on your flyer should match the website, which should match the store. If your glam, advertise glam. If you’re quaint, advertise quaint. Advertising something you don’t have will only leave customers disappointed at the end of their trail.

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