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Being able to insure a scooter 50cc or 125cc or a maxi-scooter without spending too much money is not easy. Insurers are many and each have different policy conditions. It is hard enough finding Motorcycle insurance when you have just passed your test, so finding a company willing to give you moped insurance when you have just passed your test is going to turn out expensive. Through this guide, you may learn how to make the right choice and hopefully pick the insurance that is right for you.

Your best bet is to do what you would do with a car or van you wished to insure and go online for a cheap quote. Gather together as many insurance comparison sites as you can and run a search on all of them. You should then find the top three companies that offer you the best deal and give all three a call. Ask them for a better rate and if they agree, then have them send confirmation though on an email. Go back to each one until you are sure you have the lowest quote and then get back in touch with the cheapest, with your email details to hand and buy the cheapest policy.

Ideally you are looking to compare around 30 insurers in your country, and don’t forget that the more you compare and find then the better your odds are at finding the cheapest quote. Try an impartial site that has nothing to gain (in a monetary sense) from advising that you take one form of insurance over another.

Now that you have a game plan, you should concentrate on trying to get your quotes down as low as possible. You can lay a little groundwork before you run off and start asking for quotes.

The location of where you bike resides is during the day and night will affect your insurance rating. It should ideally be locked away during the day if you ride it to work and then locked away at night when you are at home. Try having immobilisers installed and other security measures such as alarms. Make sure that it is locked up tight whenever you are not around it. Make sure that you let the insurance company know about the security measures you are taking.

Take a defensive driving or advanced riding course so that you look like a better risk for insurance companies. People whom have passed extra learning courses with regards to riding are far less likely to have an accident (statistically) and so are often rewarded with lower premiums.

Get a smaller bike that is less powerful. Most insurance companies will consider a bike that is fast and powerful more dangerous. For that reason they will increase you premiums. Try buying second-hand. So long as the bike is in good condition then you can lower your insurance premium due to the fact that you have spent less to purchase the bike and so will need less money to replace it. Do less miles on your bike per year. If you register your bike for insurance stating that you expect to ride for less miles then your insurance company will lower your insurance premiums rate accordingly.

Have you thought about trying quotes from smaller companies? They do not advertise as much as the larger firms and will often use those savings to offer better deals to people. A lot of larger insurance companies will also not cover motorcycles or scooters, so sometimes it pays to research into smaller companies.

Choose an excess that is a little bigger. This means that you will have to pay out more money if have an accident, but because you are taking on more of the burden and the risk of the insurance, the insurance company will often reward you with a lower motorcycle insurance or moped insurance premium rate.

If you are in a position to pay the entire years premium off on one go then you will save more money that way. Sometimes the extra charged by insurance companies is more than taking out a small loan. If your interest repayment rate on a loan is smaller than the extra you will pay through paying by monthly instalments, then seriously consider getting a year long loan and paying your moped insurance or motorcycle insurance off in one go.

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Gen Ivan has held a stall at 13 international scooter festivals for the last five years. Motorcycle insurance is her specialist subject, as she has bought Motorcycle insurance and moped insurance both nationally and internationally for years.

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