Tips on trading in equity in India

by khalid on 28/08/2012 · 2 comments

The Indian equity market is attracting a lot of people from all over the world and trading in equity is getting popularity day by day. The equity market is opening up in the country and more and more investors are investing in it. The reason why this is happening is the burgeoning Indian economy. The Indian economy is experiencing a positive change and the two stock exchanges are witnessing a boom in involvement. If you are planning to get into the Indian equity market, here’s some advice that would do you good.

trading in equity

  • Choosing a good broker to do your equity trading for you is of prime importance when it comes to the country. This is because a broker plays a very important role in the Indian equity market. He deals with the traders like you directly and also does all the trading. There are many good brokerage firms in the country dealing with equity and stock trading. It is a good idea to choose your broker after consideration since he is the one who will basically trade on your behalf. So unless he is fast and efficient, you may very well lose out on a very good trade.
  • Educate yourself on equity trading well before putting in any serious money. The truth about equity trading all over the world is that though only about 90% of people win big, most assume that they are going to be the lucky ones. Yet, the reverse happens and most traders lose. The reason why this happens is because most people fail to get educated well in the market they are trading in. A good idea would be to actually invest some money and get yourself a good training course on the Indian equity scene before you start trading. There are many such courses available online. The brokerage firm you choose may also have information about training courses.
  • If you are someone who does not have a lot of time to invest in playing in the Indian equity market or is a novice, superior stock selection may not be something you will be good at. That is why it is a good idea to always go for the best stocks as recommended by a professional. Of course, later on you can choose the best stocks on your own when you have done extensive research.
  • Decide beforehand when you will sell a particular stock. A lot of people do not do this and hence get into trouble. It is important that you have a cut off point or you know the specific conditions when you will sell a particular stock. It is plain foolishness to have stocks fall into neglect. Stocks become money only when you encash them.
  • Having a good risk management profile for yourself is also essential. The Indian equity market is quite volatile and you may lose money just as easily as you might gain it. As such, always having a risk management profile in mind to fall back on will ensure that you lose the least amount of money possible.

Author-Bio :  Shabbir learned the art of making money from the market the hard way, i.e. loosing the hard earned money and then learning it but he don’t want the same process to repeat for others and so he shares how retail investors can learn technical analysis and chart patterns. Check out his collection of free tutorials on Technical Analysis on his blog

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online trading August 30, 2012

ya good… blog shared a lot .. actually brokerage houses in India has to go through a long process as directed by SEBI…


online trading August 30, 2012

ya good… blog shared a lot .. actually brokerage houses in India has to go through a long process as directed by SEBI and finace ministry…..


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