Anil wants SC to make NTPC party to its case against Mukesh

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Ambani's riverly

Anil Ambani (RNRL) today asked the Supreme Court to make the power PSU NTPC a party to its ongoing case against Mukesh(RIL). RNRL saying to media that RIL had adopted the same malafide design of inserting unsuitable terms in the respective gas supply agreements with RNRL and NTPC to renege from its binding obligations. This was as a result of pure commercial greed in as much as the gas prices had started rising.
Both RNRL and NTPC are seeking gas from RIL’s KG-D6 fields at a price of $2.34 per mmBtu, while RIL now argues that the price needs government approval.

It seems that Rahu effecting Ambani’s.
(a) Anil Ambani:
Date of birth: Jun 04, 1959
City: Aden,
Country: Yemen
Birth Place: Mumbai, India
(b) Mukesh Ambani
Date of Birth – April 19, 1957
Time of Birth – 18:00
Place of Birth – Aden (Yemen)

As per their kundali this outcome could be expected.
Improvements in relationship between the two brothers is possible after year 2009 September onwards- but with some problems as Rahu is effecting both.

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