Hyderabad going to have Facebook office

by khalid on 28/03/2010 · 0 comments

Hyderabad is famous for its IT services and have offices of many foreign firms, including Internet powerhouse Google and software giant Microsoft. Now another Internet giant Facebook is going to have its office here in the city. These international firms tap the opportunity of cheaper salaries of Indian software employees who are skilled and work on everything from writing software codes to providing customer services at cheaper salaries than in developed nations such as the United States. Facebook’s office in Hyderabad will support users, advertisers and developers in India and around the world.

Facebook, which lets users connect and share information with friends online, has emerged as one of the Internet’s most popular destinations, challenging established players like Yahoo and Google.

Facebook has around 400 million users and out of that 8 millions are in India. The company has had large investments from Microsoft and from Russian investment company Digital Sky Technologies. Seventy percent of the people using Facebook are outside the United States and are accessing the service from more than 70 languages.

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