Infosys is in world’s 100 fastest growing companies list

by khalid on 04/09/2009 · 4 comments


World’s super charged performing companies list comes out and our Indian second largest software company Infosys is there in the list though in last position. Its a great achievement for software giant Infosys.

RankCompanyEPS GroathRevenue GroathTatal Return
1 Research In Motion 84% 77%45%
2Sigma Designs338% 104% 19% 78%59%35%
4Ebix 78% 50%77%
5DG FastChannel 308% 43%50%
6CF Industries Holdings 328% 37% 74%
7Shanda Interactive Entertainment 91% 44%59%
8Arena Resources 69% 91%23%
9Bruker 126% 54%20%
10Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan 94% 38%49%
11 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters 52% 51% 88%
12IntercontinentalExchange 47% 73% 25%
13Darling International 169% 42% 13%
14 Millicom International Cellular 151% 50% 7%
15Open Text 132% 27% 36%
16VistaPrint 52% 56% 17%
17Elbit Systems 72% 34% 35%
18ITC Holdings 45% 53% 23%
19Pegasystems 73% 29% 62%
20HMS Holdings 39% 49% 56%
21AZZ 70% 31% 38%
22Celgene 93% 61% 0%
95 True Religion Apparel 26% 35% 8%
96TreeHouse Foods 39% 29% 6%
97Western Digital 34% 28% 10%
98Psychiatric Solutions 42% 33% -7%
99Enbridge 38% 25% 8%
100Infosys Technologies 34% 33%0%
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Mehul Jain September 5, 2009

Hi khalid,

dropping here after a long time.. how r things going with u? It’s very nice to see Infosys listed in the top 100 fastest growing companies..

I guess even TCS is doing fairly well that way..not sure how it compares to infosys, but was reading about them in ET the other day…they seem to have a fairly steep expansion curve too.

nice to see RIMM on # 1….they r coming out with some fairly nice devices…didn’t like sigma designs in # 2 spot though…their stock has hardly moved in the last 1-2 yrs ( not that stock price is a perfect indicator of the company’s growth..)

– Mehul


khalid September 5, 2009

Hi Mehul

Its a great feeling to see you back here in my blog after a long gap. Where were you dear for a such long time? Things are going well here as my Alexa ranking came down to around 8 lakh.

Isn’t it great to see our one software company to be listed in World’s top 100 list. You are right that TCS is also doing well as it is our number 1 company in India.

I guess u have some shares of Sigma Design with you and they are not moving ? lol .



Mehul Jain September 14, 2009

I moved back to india couple of months back, so have just been busy in settling down etc… trying to set up something for myself, it should be fully functional in the next couple of days…please let me know your suggestions:

I had a few shares of Sigma Designs a while back…It’s share were doing very well, but then last yr, they came down from $70 (or so) all the way to $20..thats when I bought them, coz prospects of that company looked very good… ( they make components for blu ray players, and IP set top boxes…), but then, their growth slowed down due to recession, and now i think they r facing stiff competition from players like Broadcom etc..

The indian market seems to have picked up pace again, i haven’t been following very closely, but need to start that soon!


khalid September 15, 2009

Hi Mehul

Welcome back to India. My wife’s brother is also living in Dalas of USA for last 12 years and it seems he will never come back. We ask him to come back and setle here in India but he don’t respond. Anyway your new site is excellent, you made it perfectly and idea of selling things online is very good. My good wishes are with you.Name of the site wisdom cart is also perfect.



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