Online viewership of IPL rises 82% in first two week

by khalid on 03/05/2011 · 0 comments

This year in IPL Season 4, the online viewership has increased about 82%. In the first 15 days of the tournament, there have been more than 20 million views on and Youtube .com, compared to last year’s 11 million views in the first two weeks.

Viewership has been consistent between day and night matches, indicating that people are watching the matches at home as well as at the office. With high growth in internet connections in the country the online viewership of content like sports is set to see a huge jump in the next few years. The potential is huge.

Rise in online viewership contradicts a fall in television ratings of the tournament. The first 15 IPL matches recorded an 18% drop in television rating points of 4.36 in six metros compared to last year, according to TAM Sports data. In fact, the TV ratings were the lowest in all four IPLs.

The significant shift in online viewership is attributed to improved quality of live streaming even in low-speed connections because of Indiatimes’ technical partnership with Google’s YouTube. The social interactions from the Facebook chat platform have also created a new community on the site, where fans are sharing opinions, views, and engaging with what’s happening on screen. Last week alone users posted 100,000 comments during the matches.

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