Motilal Oswal AMC to launch India’s first US-equities based ETF : MOSt Shares Nasdaq 100

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New Fund Offer will Open : 16th March 2011

New Fund Offer will Close : 23rd March 2011

Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company is planning to come up with a unique exchange traded fund (ETF). It will be first of its kind ETF which will provide the Indian investors a good diversification option and access to leading global companies listed on the US Stock Market (Nasdaq). The name of the new ETF will be MOSt Shares Nasdaq 100. It will be India’s 1st US equity based ETF, which seeks to track the Nasdaq-100 index. Now you can access US stocks like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Starbucks, Yahoo and many more that are part of NASDAQ-100; that too in Indian Rupees.

Indian investors will be able to buy and sell ETF units during Exchange trading hours in India through their trading accounts with their brokers/sub-brokers at prices quoted on NSE or BSE.

The NASDAQ Stock Market is the largest electronic screen-based equity securities trading market in the United States and second largest by market capitalisation in the world. The NASDAQ-100 is an index of 100 of the largest (by market capitalisation) non-financial companies listed on the NASDAQ. With this MOSt Shares Nasdaq 100, Indian investors will have the opportunity to participate in the global growth of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, media, retailing , semiconductor, software and technology hardware sectors. Indian investors will now have an exposure to top 100 domestic and international non-financial securities like Apple Inc , Google , Microsoft , Ebay and Amazon listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market.

MOSt Shares Nasdaq 100 will be listed on the NSE and BSE. The minimum investment amount during the NFO is Rs 10,000 and in multiples of Rs 1 thereafter.

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