has been rewarded with 5 stars by Domarate

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Rating is done according to criteria such as the length of the domain, the top-level domain, the use of dictionary words and Google’s PageRank. These criteria are important to determine the quality of a domain name. The lowest possible rating is 1 star and the highest is 10 stars.

+1: Easier to remember
Bellthebull contains one or more dictionary words which makes it easier to remember.

-2: Too long
Bellthebull is 11 characters long. Users don’t like to type long domain names. Try to stay below 10 characters.

+1: Popular top-level domain
.com is the most popular top-level domain on the Internet.

+2: Ranked by Google has been ranked 3 by Google’s PageRank algorithm and has been rewarded 2 stars because of this. Great job!

-3: Still some work to be done on the PageRank
Although has been ranked by Google, it hasn’t received the highest PageRank of 10.

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