Top 50 Stocks with a highest P/E : 16th October 2010

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The most commonly used valuation metric by investors is the price to earnings ratio or commonly referred to as the P/E ratio. Following is the list of stocks having the maximum P/E (PE). If you are confuse about what P/E is about, you can check it out here.

The list is generated as on 16th October 2010

But at the same time it should be remembered that P/E is not only a single factor that should be checked or considered while purchasing a stock, there are other factors involved too such as the YoY profits of the company, EPS, etc..

NumberCompanyP/E Ratio
1Jay Energy8,945.00
2GMR Infra5,635.00
3Raghav Ind4,700.00
4Beta-Kappa Inve 4,155.00
5KGN Industries4,050.00
6SV Electricals3,775.00
7Unitech Inter2,950.00
8Gujarat Natural5,750.00
9Shree Global Tr2,811.88
10 Padam Cotton2,760.00
11Nikki Global Fi 3,817.00
12Kailash Ficom 2,175.00
13Sterling Inter 10,737.50
14Sterlite Projec1,827.50
15Dhanprayog Inv1,717.50
16Nilchem Capital1,678.33
17Splash Media1,458.33
18Kadamb Construc1,550.00
19Incap Financial 1,225.00
20Guj Capital Ven1,317.78
21Paran 1,150.00
22Kappac Pharma1,126.25
23Sigrun Holdings1,043.00
24Mefcom Agro1,013.00
25Rockon Fintech985
26Avance Tech930
27Geefcee Fin 907.5
28Dalal Street In902.75
29Shricon Ind1,000.63
31Unisys Soft779
32Urja Global 775.33
33Tatia Global 766.67
34Mahan Industrie745
35Spectacle Ind761.9
36Rich Capital 990.91
37Shri Ganesh Spi 722
38New Bombay Mill700
39Prraneta Ind694.44
40Sunteck Realty 707.74
41Prabhav Indust 729.62
42Parichay Invest583.08
43Moongipa Capital1,242.50
44MMTC Ltd573.68
45Arrow Securitie526.86
46Shristi Infra 556.59
47NCL Research692.31
48Rajath Finance528.37
49Ausom Enterp475
50Virgo Global465
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