Top 50 Stocks with the Lowest P/E Ratio : 28th November 2010

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The most commonly used valuation metric by investors is the price to earnings ratio or commonly referred to as the P/E ratio. Following is the list of stocks having the minimum P/E Ratio. If you are confuse about what P/E Ratio is about, you can check it out here. Value of these P/E Ratios taken on 28th November 2010.

At the time of purchasing a stock, P/E Ratio is not only a single factor that should be considered but at the same time some other factors like YoY profits of the company, EPS, etc. should be considered too.

NumberCompanyP/E Ratio
1 Kutch Salt & Al 0.12
2 Combat Drugs0.16
3Bhagyodaya Infr0.18
4Ras Propack Lam0.23
5Innovative Tech0.26
6Shree Rani 0.27
7Coromandel Agro0.32
8 Guj Poly AVX0.38
9Borosil Glass 0.39
10 Centennial Sutu0.48
11Polar Ind 0.50
12Hindustan Udyog0.51
13Banas Finance0.52
14Cimmco Birla0.55
15Hind Composites0.56
16Indo Asian Fuse0.56
17Rose Investment0.58
18Shalimar Wires0.65
19Anukaran Commer 0.69
20Rubfila Int 0.70
21Piramal Health0.72
22JMDE Packaging 0.77
23Zicom Security0.80
2421st Cen Mgt 0.92
25Sarda Papers 1.00
26 Triveni Glass1.01
27Compac Disc 1.01
30Bombay Cycle 1.25
31Temptation Food 1.28
32Maha ShreeUmaid1.34
33Sand Plast 1.37
34Adarsh Deriv1.42
35Zodiac Ventures1.53
36Winro Commercia1.59
37Encore Software1.72
38Apollo Finvest1.77
39Krishna Filamen1.86
40Santowin Polyes1.91
41Oswal Overseas1.92
42Remi Elektrotec1.96
43Parekh Platinum1.98
44Hytone Synth2.07
45Him Fibres 2.08
46Beckons Ind2.09
47Sirdar Carbonic2.11
48Linkson Interna2.11
49Avon Corporatio2.13
50National Steel2.15
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