Top 50 Stocks with the Highest P/E Ratio

by khalid on 21/06/2010 · 0 comments

The most commonly used valuation metric by investors is the price to earnings ratio or commonly referred to as the P/E ratio. Following is the list of stocks having the maximum P/E (PE). If you are confuse about what P/E is about, you can check it out here.

The list is generated as on 16th June 2010

But at the same time it should be remembered that P/E is not only a single factor that should be checked or considered while purchasing a stock, there are other factors involved too such as the YoY profits of the company, EPS, etc..

NumberCompanyP/E Ratio
1 Paran13,041.67
2Gujarat Natural 9,090.00
3Sampada Chem9,011.67
4Geefee Fin 8,185.00
5Sterling Inter7,330.00
6Raghav Ind6,035.00
7Intellivate Cap 5,045.00
8KGN Industries 5,005.71
9Sai Capital Ltd 5,000.00
10 Nikki Global Fi 4,500.00
11Precision Elec4,405.00
12OCL Iron4,225.00
14Advani Hotels 3,960.00
15Shree Global Tr3,669.17
16ACIL Cotton Ind3,205.00
17Kailash Ficom3,170.00
19Axon Infotech1,885.00
20Prabhav Indust1,770.00
21Incap Financial1,666.67
22Tribhuvan House1,635.00
23Elder Healthcar1,631.00
24PVR 1,578.00
25DJS StockandSha 1,575.00
26Interlink Petro1,503.75
27 Splash Media1,403.77
28GMR Infra1,400.00
29Beta-Kappa Inve1,385.00
30Well Pack Paper1,161.00
31TRC Finance1,090.00
32Jindal Capital 1,050.00
33Adarsh Plant1,047.00
34Oregon Commerci996.58
35Hinduja Foundri942.5
36Sterlite Projec937.5
37Shree Nath Comm860.47
38Unisys Soft860
39Aryaman Fin Ser 855
40Kosha Cubidor826.5
41Preeti Sec 788
42MMTC Ltd761.15
43Devine Impex741.67
44Kadamb Construc739.17
45Tatia Global 735
46Biopac India 731.5
47Samyak Intern720
48Shricon Ind713.13
49Zigma Software709
50Prraneta Ind694.17
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