Top 50 Stocks with the Lowest P/E Ratio : 26th July 2010

by khalid on 03/08/2011 · 1 comment

The most commonly used valuation metric by investors is the price to earnings ratio or commonly referred to as the P/E ratio. Following is the list of stocks having the minimum P/E Ratio. If you are confuse about what P/E Ratio is about, you can check it out here. Value of these P/E Ratios taken on 26th July 2011.

At the time of purchasing a stock, P/E Ratio is not only a single factor that should be considered but at the same time some other factors like YoY profits of the company, EPS, etc. should be considered too.

NumberCompanyP/E Ratio
1Peacock Ind 0.17
2Indo Asian Fuse 0.45
3Piramal Health 0.52
4Ranklin Solutio 1.00
5BPL 1.59
6SEL Manufacturi 1.62
8Shri Lakshmi Co1.87
9MVL Industries1.98
10 Patspin India 1.99
11Sutlej Textiles2.06
13Ester Ind 2.13
14Nelcast 2.14
15Coral Hub2.14
16Jindal PolyFilm2.16
17Sree Rayalaseem 2.23
18Nahar Spinning 2.28
19Tips Industries 2.4
20Allied Digital 2.42
21Suryajyoti Spg 2.43
22RSWM 2.44
23Pochiraju Ind 2.46
24Geodesic 2.47
25Shiva Texyarn2.49
27Suryalakshmi Co2.51
28Salona Cotspin2.53
29Ambika Cotton 2.55
30Grabal Alok Imp2.55
31MIC Electronics 2.55
32Ansal Housing 2.57
33Madras Fert 2.64
34Aster Silicates 2.66
35Twilight Litaka 2.65
36Southern Ispat 2.68
37Sangam India2.71
38Maithan Alloys 2.72
39Cheslind Textil 2.73
40National Steel 2.77
41GTN Industries 2.77
42Nahar Industria 2.81
43Spentex Ind 2.89
44First Leasing 2.91
46Vardhman Text2.97
47Su-raj Diamonds 2.99
48Navin Fluorine2.99
49Rajvir Ind 2.99
50RS Software 3.05
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