A Dip of 10% In Sales Of Domestic Car Sales and the Bike Sales Up By 15.5% In the month of August

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According to the data released for this quarter the sales of the four wheeler section has declined by 10.08% to 144,516 units in August, 2011 from the same month and from 160,713 units last year. So people are buying more two wheeler than increasing the number of cars this last quarter.

According to the figures which were released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) the two wheeler sales in the country grew by 15.43% in last month to 839,772 units from 727,542 as compared to the corresponding month last year. In the two wheeler section the motorcycle section has grown rapidly.

The two-wheeler sales have grown by 16.1% from 957,236 units to 1,111,340 units in the month of August as per the data coming in.

The sales of commercial vehicles have grown from 52,394 units to 64,248 units i.e. a growth of 22.62% growth in this month as per the review done by SIAM. The total value of the vehicles across the registered categories have seen a growth of around 11.85% from 1,263,239 units to 1,412,945 units as compared to the units in the same month last year. There was only some decline in the sales of domestic car sales.

With the last quarter of the year up ahead and some promising releases to come along with the festive season in hands the four wheeler segment surely looks to heat up. Companies would be expecting an increase this quarter for sure.

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