Market Tips: Time to be intelligent and not just reactive

by khalid on 26/09/2011 · 1 comment

As per the indications and the market scenario it is evident that the global stock markets have entered the bear stage now. The benchmark MSCI World Index this week fell by 20% from its highs of May. This April Dow Jones hit its high of 12,910.54 but this Friday it closed about 17% lower than his highs. Last week was one of the worst weeks after two years.

 All over the world the markets have plunge quite a bit and mostly in the last week with global indices showing the hint of impact due to recession. If we take into consideration the past its about 80 more days for the markets again when it could pull back and show signs of improvement rather enter of the bull stage.

 The developments last week which came from the Federal Bank brought a drop in the bank stocks indicating in a better manner the state of the domestic economy. It might seem to be a bearish state for many but with the dangers of another economic slowdown up ahead the fear in the markets prevails. The most important aspect for this is to hold and play out the whole scenario for the investors. A sense of panic can lead to further losses so the right step forward should be to play the markets in an intelligent manner rather than reacting to each news coming in.

Bell the Bull says: Time to buy and sell intelligently rather than reacting to every other news

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