Stock Ideas: Accumulate fundamentally strong stocks with every dip

by khalid on 27/09/2011 · 0 comments

Markets have shown a large downside in the last week breaking some of the critical levels. It has been backed up by many heavy weights and all the sectors have been affected. The real estate sector has also witnessed a fall which has in turn brought in some lucrative buying opportunities for some fundamentally strong stocks.

Market has corrected drastically and Sensex has slipped more than 1000 points in just a week. The global cues remains to be weak however observing the recovery today may result in a short bounce back. However entering stocks with a very short term horizon at the levels may not be a good idea but accumulating some lower valuations may give good returns in a longer run.

Godrej Properties a growing company today with great projects ahead can be a good buy among the other player in the same sector. However this is recommended to be bought with a longer term perspective for at least a year. One may say that buying real estate stocks at this time may not be an intelligent decision but Godrej Properties looks strong and is valued much lower. The stock looks a good buy below the Rs580 levels at which people can start accumulating it with every other dip. Entering at this level can be a good decision as the company looks to have an exceptional future in the longer run.

Bell the Bull says: Below Rs.580 levels Godrej Properties looks a good buy

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