Market Outlook: Nifty to stay range bound between 4750 to 5200 levels

by khalid on 16/09/2011 · 1 comment

Despite the increase of 25 basis points investor seemed to take the hike in their stride in the mid ours of the trading session today. However all the steam and momentum built was observed to be lost in the final hours of trading which witnessed some sell offs. However experts believe the markets to be stronger in the coming weeks. Nifty reaching the levels of 5160-5170 looks within the possible reach.

It might even touch up levels of 5350 or more. The strongest pull backs which are expected with the markets witnessing some strong upside moves are in the banking as well as the auto sector. The credit policy now seems to leave a very little impact on the markets as it remains where it was without any hiccups. Provided global cues perform better than what they had been doing for some weeks now Nifty should touch levels of 5200 easily.

With some expert views and valuation of the current market scenario a positive upside and a rally is definitely on the cards. Expectations and assumptions suggest that market should stay between the range of 4750 to 5250 for couple of weeks.

All the stocks are very attractive levels to buy but accumulating stocks at current levels with a horizon of 3to 4 years of investment could be a very good option. People with short term money making targets may get disappointed with the markets slipping either ways with any news coming in.

 Bell The Bull says Despite week global cues and the credit policy, the markets seem to be heading in a positive direction

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