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by salman on 05/03/2011 · 6 comments

We will like to welcome the readers coming from ProBlogger. The author of this blog, my dad, is full time investor in share market. He regularly shares his views on this blog. We have received plenty of appreciation in last few months and traffic has jumped up exponentially. An article on ProBlogger was one step to professionalize this blog. We request you to be blunt while commenting on this blog. We want to improve and we love criticism in whichever form it might be. You can either get in touch with us personally or comment on this post.

We extend our gratitude to Georgina and Darren for pushing this article on their super famous blog.

Link to article on ProBlogger

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Sadique Neelgund March 5, 2011

Hello Siddiqi

I was glad to see your (okay your son’s:-) post on pro blogger. I have recently started a website for financial planners in India Network FP. Wish you all the best! If you are Mumbai, let’s connect sometime.


khalid March 5, 2011

Hi Sadique,

Very nice site you have designed for financial planners in India. By the way I am in Kanpur and my son is in Mumbai.


Cathryn Peters March 5, 2011

Yes, I too came from reading the blog post on ProBlogger this morning. One slight bit of constructive criticism for an otherwise perfect looking blog, is that over in the right sidebar where you feature your advertising spots, the word “ad” is misspelled in the title bar! You have the word “add,” which means to total up sums as in addition, not the abbreviation of the word that means to advertise, as in “ad.” Nothing sets off another writer more than improper use of grammar or misspellings.


khalid March 5, 2011

Thanks Cathryn for pointing out a mistake. I have corrected it just now.


Manshu March 6, 2011

Congratulations on this post – well done!


khalid March 6, 2011

Thanks Manshu for liking and visiting !!


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