Final Outcome Not Expected From The European Summit

by khalid on 01/11/2011 · 1 comment

The Global Markets are looking towards the Euro summit for some relief to the Euro Zone. Investors are expecting for some proper outcome for a long term solution to the European Markets. One expects to get a proper European financial stability through the measures taken by the European leaders and the summit. There is a need for proper strategy for recapitalizing on the banks in event of the Greek sovereign debt crisis.

Though people want a positive outcome from the meet, but it looks like currently it is difficult to arrive at a final decision or any final agreement for the issues cropping up in the Euro Zone. It is really important to come to a solution at the sovereign debt crisis that is doing the rounds in European markets and help the banking sector to recapitalize. The short term solutions will not help the Euro Zone crisis in any manner and the European leaders need to assess the situation and make a proper strategy.

The longer term issues include a unified fiscal authority or more importantly a centralized budgeting authority. It would always be nice to see a structural solution for the European issues, as it would help in arriving at a final long term agreement. Basically the long term and the short term issues both go parallel and both need to be addressed at the same time in a systematic manner. Only a solution to the short term issues means it can resurface again after sometime.

Bell The Bull says: Investors Should Not Expect Any Final Outcome From The European Summit

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