Signs Of Recession In The Euro Zone

by khalid on 25/10/2011 · 0 comments

The debt crisis doing the rounds in Europe might have pushed Euro Zone back into recession. The European leaders are not able to take substantial measures to curb the sovereign debt crisis going in the Euro zone, whereas the Chinese economy moved a step forward in the month of October. To tackle the situation in an appropriate manner the leaders in Europe need to sit down and take some lasting measures which are effective for the economy.

The meeting held this weekend at the European Union Summit showed some progress due to the bailout funds coming in for the Euro Zone, but the fact is that these measures might have come too late and have been unable to avoid a second recession in a period of four years. The sector most affected in Europe was the banking sector and it needed a major bailout.

The performance of many manufacturing as well as service sectors also sank below expectations. Most of the sectors were seen performing below expectation and the experts say that this could be a major cause of worry. Experts say that the decline in the GDP will lead to the Euro Zone to a recession and the snail like progress is not doing any help to the economy.

Though there were negative reports about the European economy, the World Markets performed much better on Monday on the news that the Chinese economy was performing better and the manufacturing sector in China was much better than the other countries.

Bell The Bull says: European leaders need to take some proper decisions to get out of the situation

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